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29 Good Night Messages For A Peaceful Sleep

This is our collection of Good Night message and quotes. Keep reading and find the perfect good night message to share with a friend or loved one. Tap the Copy button to easily copy the message text to your clipboard. For messages with images, tap the Download button to save the image to your device.

May the darkness take away...

May the darkness take away your worries and the stars fill your heart with hope. Good night!


Good night family and friends! Hoping you all have a peaceful night's rest.

Let your worries sail away as you drift off to sleep... Good night!

Count your blessings as you end each day and watch your worries fly away. Good night, sleep well!

The night is an opportunity to rest, forgive, forget, dream and prepare for the next day's battles. Have a good night!

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change. Good night!

It's time to let go of today's challenges, give thanks and fall asleep in peace. Good night!

Good night! I hope you rest deeply, sleep peacefully and dream sweetly.

Good night. I'm so tired, I'm not even sure I can finish this message...

My days are backwards, I wake up tired and go to bed awake. Good night!

The time has come to turn off the light and turn on the stars. Good night.

I am sending you a little angel to watch over your dreams and take care of you tonight. Sleep well!

My batteries ran out, I'm going to bed. Good night!

No matter how hard life gets, remember to go to bed grateful for what your have. Good night.

Good Night. When you look at the stars, remember me, because in each one of them there is a kiss for you.

I think Cupid hit me with his pillow, because I love to sleep. Good night!

Good night to those who feel alone, to those who have a thousand thoughts, to those who love, to those who suffer... and to those who, despite everything, do not give up.

Good night to all warriors who will continue their battles tomorrow!

May your night be peaceful, with beautiful dreams and comforting rest. Goodnight.

Turn off the lights, forget your problems, relax your body and leave your soul free to dream. Good night!

You are the reason for both my insomnia and my sweetest dreams. Good night my Love.

Rest your head, close your eyes and let your dreams take you on a journey through beautiful worlds. Good night!

Today's dreams can be tomorrow's reality. Good night!

It's time to do what I do...

It's time to do what I do best: sleep. Good night!


Just stopping by to leave a good night kiss and wish you sweet dreams. Sleep well!

I hope your day went well and that you go to sleep with a smile. Good night friend!

I was almost falling asleep when I thought I should tell you that I feel lucky to have you as a friend! Good night!

It's time to rest and dream of the wonderful day that's coming tomorrow! Good Night.

Good night! May the angels...

Good night! May the angels take care of you until dawn.