23 Thinking Of You Messages To Let Someone Know You Care

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I think of you once a day and...

I think of you once a day and that thought lasts for 24 hours.


Just thinking about you... hope you're doing ok.

Since the day I met you, there has never been one in which I didn't think about you.

Thinking of you again today... Wishing you weren't so far away.

I just wanted to send a little hello because I'm thinking of you!

I think of you during the day, I dream of you at night... I'm always thinking of you my love!

I'm just sitting here... thinking about you.

No matter how far away you are... I'm always thinking of you.

Right now someone is thinking of you... it's me!

Whenever I want to smile, I simply close my eyes and think about you.

One of my favorite pastimes is thinking of you.

Why am I always thinking of you... when I know you're not thinking of me.

Yes, I'm thinking about you right now.

I have a confession... I spend a lot of time just thinking about you.

My friends catch me staring into the distance often... what they don't know is that I'm thinking of you.

Just hopping by to let you...

Just hopping by to let you know... I'm thinking of you.


You are my first thought in the morning... and my last thought in the evening!

There are busy days and quiet ones, but in all of them I am thinking about you.

I only think about you 18 hours a day, for the other 6 I dream about you.

Thinking of you, I become a poet, looking at you, I become an artist, imagining our love, I become a dreamer.

It's hard to focus on anything when my mind can't think of anything else but you!

I think of you to warm my heart and bring joy to my days.

I wish the day had more hours...

I wish the day had more hours just to spend more time thinking about you.